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Franchising dates back to at least the years 1850, Isaac Singer, who made improvements of an existing model of a sewing machine, wanted to distribute its sewing machines. His efforts, though unsuccessful, in the long term, was among the first efforts to franchise in the USA. A further example of the franchise was John S. Pemberton successful franchise of Coca-Cola. Early American examples are the counts of the telecommunications system, which was different railway companies, but by Western Union, and agreements between vehicle manufacturers and operators of local distributors.

Franchising modern stressed by raising the franchise food service operations. This trend began in 1919 with Quick Service Restaurants, as A & W Root Beer. In 1935, Howard Johnson Deering, with Reginald Sprague, the first restaurant franchisee. The idea was, let the independent operators using the same name, food, supplies, logo and even construction in exchange for a fee.

The growth of the franchise gathering steam in 1930, when chains such as Howard Johnson’s started franchising motels. The 1950′s saw an explosion in franchise chains, in conjunction with the evolution of U.S. Interstate Highway System. Fast Food Restaurants, Diners Club and Motel chains exploded. Regarding contemporary franchise chains, McDonald’s is unquestionably the most successful in the world with more units than any other restaurant franchise network.
Franchising (french for honesty and freedom) is a method of activity where “franchisor” certificates of good practices, how to do business with a “franchisee” in exchange for a payment, taxes and a percentage of turnover or profits.

Several tangible and intangible goods such as national or international advertising, training, support and other services are generally provided by the franchisor and may in fact necessary, by the franchisor, in general, requires auditedbooks, and may in distributors or Taking regular and surprise checks on the ground. The non-fulfillment of such a test is not renewed in general or duty.

The concept of “franchising” is used to describe systems business, maybe not in the legal definition above. For example, a vending machine operator may receive a franchise for a particular kind of vending machine, including a trademark and a royalty, but no method of doing business. This is called “free product” or “name franchising”.

A franchise agreement is typically franchisees of the area’s exclusive control of reserve and the extent to which the franchisee by the franchisor (for example, training and marketing campaigns).

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